This page is related to view all commands list for bot Emirates in Freenode.

All this commands have a restriction so many of them only can be performed by authorized users.

Command Description Restriction
Related User/Channel commands.
1  !(de)voice nick Make a user voiced/devoiced No
2  !(de)op nick Make a user opped/deopped Yes
3  !kick nick reason Kick a user from the channel Yes
4  !ban nick/host reason Ban a user from the channel Yes
5  !kickban nick/host reason Kickban a user from the channel Yes
6  !access channel list Show the channel's access list No
7  !flags channel nick add/del target Set flags on a user in the channel Yes
8  !akick channel nick/host add/del reason Set akick on a user in the channel Yes
9  !mlock channel +/- target Set mlock modes to the channel Yes
10  !seen nick View information of a nick No
11  !info channel (all) View information of the channel No
Bot commands.
12  !(un)assign #channel Join/Part a channel Yes
13  !act #channel message Makes the bot do the equivalent of a "/me" command Yes
14  !info nick Allows you to see information about a bot or nick No
15  !set nokops on/off Protect ops against kicks Yes
16  !badwords add/del/list target Manage badwords in a channel Yes
17  !setkick bold/badwords/caps/colors/flood/repeat/reverses/underline on-off Configure and manage kicks in a channel Yes
18  !kill Restarts the bot Yes
Navigation commands.
19  !google [language] target Returns top matches from google No
20  !urban target Returns urban dictionaries if it exists for given word No
21  !weather zipcode/city Returns current condition for given location No
22  !translate <from language code|to language code> <text to translate> Translates given text No
23  !translator List of supported languages and their language codes No